Boudoir has the power to inspire people and create a space that helps you step into your strength and sensuality. It is your journey and can be a potent way for you to empower yourself. The final images are important, but it's the vulnerability and self-discovery that unfolds during your shoot that holds the real value.

Each person in front of my lens inspires me in a different way; everyone has their own unique energy they bring to a shoot that effects how I go about shooting your set. All those little things that make you who you are, are captivating. I love to help you embrace your beauty, and to help imbue your images with your essence.

We try and keep everything as real and natural as we can; I'll step in whenever you need some guidance. It is my job do my absolute best in making sure you feel safe and comfortable in front of my camera. I want you to be able to see the beauty I do, and feel the meaning of your photos in your heart.